Field Dimensions

Turf Field 1&2

Full Turf Field

Grass Field


Field Rental Hours
(Non-contract rate, subject to availability and rate change)
Refundable Clean Up Fee



Monday - Friday

7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Grass field $50/hr    
Turf field 1 or 2 $65/hr
Full turf field $125/hr

4:30 p.m. -9:00 p.m.

Grass field $60/hr    
Turf field 1 or 2 $85/hr
Full turf field $165/hr
Lights $25 per hour

(Field rentals, minimum 2 hours) 


7:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m.

Grass field $70/hr 
Turf field 1 or 2 $85/hr
Full turf field $165/hr
Lights $25 per hour

(Field rentals, minimum 2 hours) 


7:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

Grass field $85/hr  
Turf field 1 or 2 $150 per hour
Full turf field  $250/hr
(Sunday Turf fields currently unavailable)
Lights $25 per hour

(Field rentals, minimum 2 hours) 

*Prices are subject to change and do not include club house amenities.
Prices and Availability must be confirmed prior to rental.

*Field Rental Payments

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Facility Rental and Waiver of Liability


The renter of the facility must agree to all policies, rules and regulations in order for a facility rental agreement to be issued.

Any time served and not used will be paid by the renter. Exception: If cancelled due to weather. Notify the Victoria Sports Club within 48 hours.

Any destruction, damage, or defacement of Victoria Sports Club property is prohibited. The renter will be charged for all costs of the repairs and/or replacement cost of equipment and property.

The renter must leave the facility in a clean and orderly condition. The renter is required to pay for all costs of excessive cleanup.

The renter may not sell or authorize the sale of food, concessions, or any product without written permission from Victoria Sports Club. If approval is given, the renter must provide Victoria Sports Club a copy of their sales tax license.

The renter must have prior authorization from Victoria Sports Club to raise funds, charge admission, or collect money.

Use of alcohol is not permitted in any facility unless a City of Golden Alcohol Permit has been issued.

Individuals shall not use any violent, obscene, or profane language nor conduct themselves in a disorderly manner.

The renter may not sublet to any other users, agencies, or organizations without written authorization from Victoria Sports Club.

In consideration of use of Victoria Sports Park (VSP) property for an event, I recognize and acknowledge that there may be certain risks of personal injury and property loss arising from the event, and I agree to assume the full risk of any injuries, including death, loss or damage of property from conducting the event.

I agree to waive and relinquish all claims I may have as a result of hosting the event.

I agree and covenant to indemnify, defend, and save harmless t Victoria Sports Park (VSP)  and those persons who were, now are, or shall be duly elected or appointed officials or members or employees thereof, of Victoria Sports Park (VSP), against and from any loss, damage, cost, charge, expense, liability claims, demand or judgment of whatsoever kind or nature whether to persons or property, arising wholly or partially out of any acts, action, neglect, omission, or default, on the part of the event participants or Victoria Sports Park (VSP).

In case of suit or cause of action shall be brought against Victoria Sports Park (VSP) on the account any act, action, neglect, omission, or default on the part of the event organizers or participants, I hereby agree and covenant to appear and assume the defense thereof and to pay any and all costs, charges, attorney fees and other expenses, and any and all judgments that may be incurred or obtained against Victoria Sports Park (VSP) In the event Victoria Sports Park (VSP) is required to institute legal action and or participate in legal action to enforce this indemnification and hold harmless clause, I agree to immediately notify Victoria Sports Park (VSP) in writing of any claim or suit against Victoria Sports Park (VSP) to which this paragraph applies. The indemnification provisions have been mutually negotiated between the parties.

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