First (500) members receive a serial numbered Limited Edition Charter Membership Coin and Membership card in gold foil.

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I hereby apply for a 2024 membership in the Victoria Sports Club and promise to observe all the rules and statutes of the organization.
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1. All members attending or using the facilities, if asked by the onsite attendant must provide their membership card.

2. Turf and grass fields are for members only. Available by reservation or prior approval only and may require additional fees. See a Membership Advisor for guest policies and fees.

3. Members may not conduct personal training or utilize outside personal trainers.

4. All members are required to wear proper attire when using the Victoria Sports Club facility. Attire containing inappropriate words, phrases, or graphics is prohibited.

5. The use of profanity and/or loud and intimidating behavior is prohibited.

6. Proper etiquette is required in all areas of the sports club. Management has the right to cancel any membership for unacceptable behavior or conduct which in the opinion of management is prejudicial to the welfare, good order and character of the Victoria Sports Club.

7. Electronic Devices:  All music-playing and other portable devices must be used with headphones and set at a volume that does not disturb others.

Victoria Sports Club reserves the right to use, for any purpose whatsoever and without compensation, any photographs, videos, audio tapes, or other recordings that are made on the premises or at any Victoria Sports Club related function or event.

8. Food and beverages in open containers are restricted on the playing field at all times.

9. Service / support animals are welcome and must be leashed. Documentation may be required. No pets allowed on the fields at any time.

10. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited within all facilities.

11. Children under the age of 14, who have not completed Youth Experience, may not be left unattended in any area of the club with the exception of a staff led program.

Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and not left unattended.