Team fee must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the first game. 

Roster Size:
Max of 18 Players: Submit roster in writing to tournament Director 5 days prior to tournament, Can change roster up until the start of the first game, Must present driver’s license as proof of age.

Number of Games:
All teams are guaranteed 3 games.   

Age Groups:
All players Must be 60 years old within calendar year of tournament.     

Each coach must check-in at the tournament headquarters at least one hour before their first game. At the check-in, the coach will present, a team roster. Each player must present when requested by the Referee a valid driver’s license or State ID.

One referee will be assigned per match. The referee will have the right to eject a team, coach, and player(s), not acting in accordance with the rules or policies.   

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy:
All spectators, players, and coaches are expected to respect the facility rules, and any applicable local, state, and federal laws. No alcohol to be brought on to the premises.

No jewelry shall be worn by any player during games. Jewelry should be removed prior to entering the field of play.


All games will conform to the FIFA Laws of the Game, with the following exceptions as indicated in the 8 v 8 format. A match is played by two teams, each consisting of no more than 8 players on the team, one of whom must be the goalkeeper.  

Scoring system:
The 10-point scoring system will be used.  

Win = 6 points  
Tie = 3 points  
Loss = 0 points  

One point a shutout.  
One point for each goal scored, not to exceed (3) goals per game.  
One point each team for a (0-0) tie.  
A forfeit win will be scored 1-0.  

The Duration of the Match:
Two 35 minutes halves with 5 minutes break.

Start of Play:
Winner of coin toss decides which end to attack. Ball must move slightly forward (not backward). Kicker may not kick the ball a second time until another player touches the ball.  Opponents must be 8 yards from the center mark. Goals may not be scored at the kick-off. Method of Scoring Conform to FIFA. Exception: goals scored from offensive half only.

Substitution Procedure:
Players may substitute at any time during the match; however, the substitute can only enter the field of play after the player being replaced has entered the substitution area. The substitution area shall be 10 yards wide and shall begin 10 yards from either side of the halfway line.   

There is no offside provision.  Referee, however, may discourage “goal-hanging”.   

Goal Kick:
The goalkeeper shall restart play with a throw or drop-kick when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line having last touched a player of the attacking team. The ball must clear the penalty area within 5 seconds and may not be touched by the goalkeeper until another player plays the ball.  

Free Kicks:
Direct/Indirect Free kicks shall be direct in nature and all opponents must be at least 8 yards from the ball. Players shall have 5 seconds to put the ball into play. 

Halfway Line Violation:
Goal kicks and keeper releases must be played within your half or bounce within your half first otherwise ball is turned over to opposing team for indirect free kick at halfway line.

Penalty Shootout:
Regular Penalty shot taken from 8/9 yards out.

Sliding and Slide Tackling:
Sliding and Slide Tacking: No slide tacking allowed.

Fouls and Misconduct:
Fouls in the box is an automatic yellow card.  The yellow card is used to communicate that a player, substitute or substituted player has been cautioned. Player must sit out for a period of 5 minutes during the game and cannot be substituted during that time period.  The red card is used to communicate that a player, coach, substitute or substituted player has been sent off. An ejected player or coach receiving a red card is ineligible for the next scheduled game. Two yellow cards in any game results in a red. A player ejected for fighting could be deemed ineligible for further league play by the Referee in charge. Referee decisions are final, and no protests will be entertained.    

Victoria  reserves the right to amend the official league rules at any point in the season. Team managers shall be notified should a rule be added, amended, or deleted.