There are no tournaments scheduled at this time.


All games will conform to the FIFA Laws of the Game.

Fee: Payment per team is to be made in full prior to the start of the Tournament

Roster Size: Maximum roster size per team will be (18) for 11v11 and (15) for 8v8 games. Players may only appear on one roster.

Age Group: All Players must be

O/18: Open

O/35: Born before 1988

O/45: Born Before 1978

O/55: Born Before 1968

O/60: Born Before 1963

Credentials: Each coach must check-in at the tournament headquarters at least one hour before their first game. At the check-in, the coach will present, a team roster. Each player must present when requested by the Referee a valid driver’s license or State ID

Directors: No protests will be entertained. The tournament directors, who will have the right to exclude a team, coach, player(s), or parent(s) not acting in accordance with the tournament rules or policies, will handle all penalties. The decision of the directors is final.

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy
: All spectators, players, and coaches are expected to respect the tournament rules, facility rules, and any applicable local, state, and federal laws. No alcohol to be brought on to the premises.

: No jewelry shall be worn by any player during games. Jewelry should be removed prior to entering the field of play.

Scoring system: The 10 point scoring system will be used.

Win = 6 points

Tie = 3 points

Loss = 0 points

One point a shutout.

One point for each goal scored, not to exceed (3) goals per game.

One point each team for a (0-0) tie.

A forfeit win will be scored 1-0. Teams which forfeit any game will have all of its games played scored as 0-1 losses.

Play-off Games
: If the game is tied at the end of regulation time, penalty kicks will be taken as indicated below until a winner is determined. Prior to the start of the penalty kick contest, coaches shall choose 8 players, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper, who shall participate in the kicks. Of these, five (one of whom may or may not be the goalkeeper) shall be chosen to take kicks as described below. The remaining players shall take kicks, if necessary, as described below. No additional players shall be considered eligible to kick, except for injury.

a. Referee will choose goal at which all kicks will be taken.
b. Winner of coin toss will take first kick.
c. Each team shall take five (5) alternating kicks.
d. If before both teams have taken five (5) kicks, one has scored more than the other could, the taking of kicks shall cease.
e. If after both teams have taken five (5) kicks, both have the same number of goals or not scored any goals, the taking of kicks shall continue until both have taken an equal number of kicks and one has scored a goal more than the other.
f. Each kick shall be taken by a different player which shall include the goalkeeper if the goalkeeper was not among the first five kickers.
g. Not until all eligible players have kicked may a player of the same team take a second kick.

Tournament Cancellation / Modification: In the event of inclement weather or any other “act of God” which would prevent continuation of the games, the tournament will be canceled. Refund checks will be mailed to each team contact on file once all obligations are paid in full at the discretion of the Tournament Directors.

Substitutions: Unlimited substitutions with the permission of the referee at any stoppage of play regardless of possession.

The Duration of the Match: Conform to FIFA with the exception of the match being divided into two (2) halves of twenty-five (25) minutes each. There shall be a half-time interval of five (5) minutes. Teams are expected to play at the scheduled starting time for each game. If a team has five (5) players available, play will begin. Any team more than ten minutes late will forfeit the game and receive a minus 1 score for tournament placement. The other team will be given six points for a win.

Offside: There will be no offside on the 8v8 games.

Fouls and Misconduct: An ejected player or coach is ineligible for the next scheduled game. A player ejected for fighting COULD BE deemed ineligible for further tournament play by the Tournament Directors.